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SGW3 – update on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One

Sniper Ghost Warrior 3 has received a new update, that also includes fixes for the issues reported by the friendly community of SGW3 fans.

On August 22nd we’ve published a new update to the Sniper Ghost Warrior 3 game on PlayStation 4 (update v1.05) and Xbox One (update v1.0.0.8) platforms. The PC version of Sniper Ghost Warrior 3 will receive the update shortly before „The Sabotage” DLC release, which is to debut on all platforms on September 5, 2017.


Patch notes are available below:


  • Sabotage DLC support


  • Added „Toggle sprint”
  • Added „Toggle aim”
  • Added „White dot” on Challenge mode


  • Fixed bug that caused player to fall under the map in Escape of Lydia DLC
  • Fixed blocker in the Slaughterhouse mission
  • Fixed issue that occurred after player skipped objectives during „Remains of the Day” mission
  • Fixed ammunition issue with Side arms
  • Fixed issue where player could get stuck in Lada
  • Fixed issue with drone jamming signal during „Cut Off” mission
  • Fixed issue with drone being used during Bookie sequence
  • SFX tweaks of falling tree during Prologue
  • Fixed issue with player not being able to destroy door with C4 during „Slaughterhouse” mission
  • Fixed AI despawn issue during „Blockout” mission
  • Added new enemy model
  • Fixed issue with missing information on controller layout
  • Fixed Brezatelya silencer image
  • Fixed FM-3000 UM ammo bag image
  • Fixed issue with player not being able to lure enemies with luring bullets after certain steps
  • Added proper animation of using extreme navigation at one of the POIs on Village map
  • Fixed issue with objective marker on documents from „Escape of Lydia” DLC
  • Tweaks for stealth kill animations
  • Fixed issue with player being unable to analyze all of the clues during „Remain of the Days” mission
  • Fixed issues with player being unable to finish Opium Wars side op
  • Fixed issue with Vasilisk bio
  • Increased spawn distance of the enemies
  • Added 338. Bullets to the weapon cache shop
  • Adjusted damage multiplayer of explosives
  • Fixed enemy turrets targeting issue
  • Multiple AI fixes/improvements
  • Other minor bug fixes
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