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CI Games reveals information about Sniper Ghost Warrior 3 Multiplayer modes

CI Games gives players a little sneak peak at what can they expect with the upcoming multiplayer mode to Sniper Ghost Warrior 3.


In an interview with Do You Even Game Bro? portal Daniel Slawinski, Senior Level Designer, announces some fresh news about the multiplayer portion of the game:

“The multiplayer mode of SGW3 will feature different sniper-focused game modes and, today, I can share two of them with you. One, which we have called The Bounty Hunter, will challenge you in how long you stay alive and part of the scoring will depend on that. The second one will be based on 1 on 1 combat, set on smaller maps. Overall, for all the modes, we are preparing a variety of different maps, each of which was designed taking into the account the specific gameplay of each mode. It goes without saying, but you will be able to use some cool sniper rifles and the general progression will be separate from the single-player game. Obviously, each sniper rifle from the selection has its pros and cons. You will also have a selection of bullets to choose from, with the tagging bullet being just one example. We will also bring back some of the core mechanics that our fans previously enjoyed, such as a warning device.”


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