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SGW3 Multiplayer Update Release Info

Dear Players,

We will start rolling out the next update for Sniper Ghost Warrior 3 on January 26th, which will include bugfixes for single player mode and enable the multiplayer features.

The PlayStation 4 and PC versions are ready to be deployed and the Xbox One update will roll out within one to two weeks. Thank you for your continued support and patience!

[UPDATE: SGW3 Multiplayer on Xbox One with all features will be available on January 26th! Additional Season Pass content will be available next week.]


SGW3 Update Patch notes (PC – 1.07, PS4 – 1.08, Xbox One – 1.05):

  • Multiplayer support:
    • 3 game modes available:
      • Sharpshooter
      • Bounty Hunter
      • Team Deathmatch
    • 4 maps available:
      • Village
      • Monastery
      • Wind Tunnel
      • Frozen Lake
    • 2 additional maps in DLC:
      • Containers
      • Canyon map
    • Players will be able to use most of the rifles from single player campaign:
      • 9 sniper rifles
      • 7 side arms
      • 24 character models including Lydia and Raquel
      • New multiplayer specific gadgets
  • Random crash loading screen fix
  • SFX tweaks of falling tree during Prologue
  • Added proper animation of using extreme navigation at one of the POIs on Village map
  • Melee attack feature added in MP
  • New loading screens for MP
  • Sniper rifle aiming mechanics adjustments for MP
  • New MP specific gadgets
  • Shadows/lighting/explosions VFX improvements
  • TPP animations improvements
  • FPP vault animations tweaks
  • Japanese localization tweaks
  • Sabotage DLC loading screen tutorial fix
  • Shipunkov K96 weapon scope zoom description fix
  • Weapons and gadgets description tweaks
  • Fixed issue with Lada changing colors
  • Other minor bug fixes
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